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So how DO you decolonise science?

I have been involved in a number of discussions around this topic recently, since publicly expressing my dismay at the appalling naivety of the poor #sciencemustfall proponent who dislikes gravity in particular, and all western science in general. I say appalling … Continue reading

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The SA University Blues

I often alter other people’s songs, seeing as I have no talent to write my own, generally for the purpose of some light-hearted parody. This is less light-hearted. Piet Swart, you gave me the idea – so it’s your fault. … Continue reading

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Baby Steps In a Spacesuit: The Long Earth Series

I was really rather excited to discover a couple of years ago, in my local Exclusive Books in Cape Town and just in time for my Xmas present to me, a new novel called “The Long Earth” – by one … Continue reading

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Legends II: The 5DJ Concert

I’ve been coming back to the Guitar Boogie Bar for some time now – and it’s an interesting thing: it’s never in the same place twice. Somewhere near where I found it, always somewhere a little out of the way, … Continue reading

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Izak and Lady

Other posts in the series: Enter Hilton ZA Virus: the beginning * * * Izak hadn’t always lived on the street.  Once, long ago, he’d been “Mr van Heerden”, and he’d lived in a small cottage in Elsie’s River, and he’d … Continue reading

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Colony Four

People seem to be reading these offerings, for whatever reason, so here’s another – considerably younger than the others; in fact, dating dating from just two years ago. And in light of new findings about Pluto and Charon, I may just have … Continue reading

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A Day at the Station

Here’s another, from the back archive: I think I wrote the original version about 30 years ago; this is resurrected from a much-copied .wri format file, from the misty past. A homage to the SF greats who inspired me: Roger Zelazny, … Continue reading

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