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Preamble to Chapter 5….

…which means I’d better get writing, because it stops here!  Apart from Bullbar Ben, that is. The searchers were stymied for the moment.  They had more or less achieved their primary objective, but the almost-as-important secondary requirement was presently unfulfilled, … Continue reading

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Chapter 4: just in case someone’s reading these things…B-)

The helicopter did not get very far, but far enough to frustrate the salvaging ambitions of the men in uniform: it strained to keep in the air, just in and above the treetops, engine bellowing raggedly and belching smoke, for … Continue reading

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So since no-one complained, Chapter 3!

The young men had been marching for days, in a loose formation on both sides of the dirt road.  They had developed an easy sort of slouch, these ones that were left; swinging along, festooned with bandoliers and grenades, almost … Continue reading

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