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Science meets Science Fiction: Human head transplants

New Scientist magazine, which I have been enjoying since 1971, has a piece called “Welcome to the body shop” in its 28 February issue – on transplanting human heads – which has already had high-level media interest.  One Sergio Canavero … Continue reading

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Baby Steps in a Spacesuit 3: In Praise of the Short Form

I think the best possible way to inculcate someone into the deep and profound mysteries that are science fiction, is to shower them with short story anthologies. I am deeply biased, of course, because I have both had it done … Continue reading

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Baby steps in a spacesuit: my introduction to SF

This is going to be a bit like a disjointed trip through my SF reading history – which started, lo, these many decades ago.  Like in about 1964, with the Tom Swift series and Capt. WE Johns, from the Lusaka … Continue reading

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