Fun with QR codes!! Really!

Realising I was losing the techno-stakes race, in that nearly everyone I know except me seemed to know what the hell these things were, I recently investigated QR codes: you know, those over-developed bar code thingies that seem to be popping up everywhere?

I started by downloading an app for my iPad that actually interprets the things,, then I got pointed via a tweet (thanks @cupton1!) at a site that details “8 Really #Geeky But Creative Ways To Use #QR Codes At Home” – and I was hooked.  Especially when I learned that you can make them yourself without even trying very hard – by exactly the same procedure you can use to shorten URLs, which at least I cracked a few years ago.

So here’s a couple for your interest and delectation – including links to short stories published in That Magazine, and to a QR fun site.  Enjoy!

qrcode.15611751 qrcode.15611744 qrcode.15611721


About Ed Rybicki

Ed is a 60-ish virologist and biotechnologist, formerly a Zambian and presently a South African. He is into family, virology, biotechnology, science in general, science fiction in particular, photography, red wine, wearing loud shirts, 70s rock, blues and smooth jazz...and telling stories. Sometimes, interesting ones. And writing for his own amusement.
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